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DC 25 Shoot Unofficial badge - The BOOMBADGE

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  • DC 25 Shoot Unofficial badge - The BOOMBADGE

    Hello all,

    So the DC 25 shoot badge (unofficial) is DONE and the final costs calculated. Our little
    #BoomBadges as we like to call them are quite awesome. So if you want one they are first come first serve at the DEFCON shoot. I will have a few extra with me at the CON for trade or for sale they are kinda first come first serve too! I will be tweeting at the con (@bmp51) for locations and such.

    Here are the details:
    • What do they cost & what do I get?:
      • 25.00 USD
      • Stainless Steel 17-4 Mini Black Powder cannon (boombadge) with Easter egg puzzle laser engraved on cannon.
      • Lanyard (first 100 ish) with clasp and metal leash ring
      • 4 pieces of steel 5\16" shot
      • 4 fuses
      • At the shoot - black powder will be available, along with extra fuses and shot.
    • What are they:
      • Mini black powder replica cannons *** NOT A WEAPON ACCORDING TO THE ATF *** but please don't be a dumb-ass with one, never point at another person or anything you don't want hurt or damaged. ***** CHECK YOUR LOCAL STATE AND CITY LAWS FOR COMPLIANCE BEFORE BUYING! *****
    • What are they made of:
      • 17-4 stainless steel
      • brass thumbscrews
    • What do they do:
      • Shoot a 5\16" sling shot ammo ball (using black powder)
    • Availability:
      • These were custom made for the DC 25 shoot and the total is 100. We have a few that do not shoot (solid barrel) for places where they are illegal (China, N. Korea, California (I think)) that will also be available. A few of the creators (myself and KE5AFU) may have a few extra at the CON for sale or trade but again they are first come first serve.
    • Legality and Transport:
      • Legal? - Yes they are NOT a firearm they are a smooth bore black powder replica, check your LOCAL LAWS for other compliance issues.
      • TSA? / Flying - We spoke extensively with the TSA, and the badges can be transported via air however ONLY in checked bags and they MUST be free of black powder (ie clean and no fuses as fuses contain black powder). If you are concerned or have to go through some kind of customs or about the TSA taking your boombadge we suggest mailing them home.
      • Disclaimer - Each badge will come with a paper disclaimer, possession of the badge will act as evidence of acceptance of the disclaimer, we offer no warranty, we have tested these suckers a bunch and they are as far as we can tell save to operate in a responsible manner under normal range conditions, however we make no guarantee of their function or safety. Like all things that use black powder there are inherent risks and they should be treated as any other black powder device. The creators of the badges accept no liability from their use correct or otherwise.
      • Don't be a dumb ass - if you need more information about this don't get a badge.... please...
    (@bmp51 * BMPTS * BMP)

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    Very nicely done. Thanks for the effort that went into these!
    "You have cubed asscheeks?"... "Do you not?"


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      Well done sir!


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        Yes. Need two. Or three.


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          How long is the barrel?


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            Reserve one for Moi. Come down to my lane and we'll trade MG time for one :-)


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              Oh dear god! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

              Well done, sir!


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                Thank you all Matt an I busted our asses on these (him more than me, my idea his shop). the barrels are a few inches on the shorter ones to a bit longer on the special ones. to enter the contest if you figure out the easter egg go to
                (@bmp51 * BMPTS * BMP)


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                  Consider another 6-8 sold to the dc414 peeps attending the shoot tonight (we'll be there in a few!)