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1 Bed Available at the Linq Hotel for N00bs or Vets to Defcon

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  • 1 Bed Available at the Linq Hotel for N00bs or Vets to Defcon

    Hey all,

    My buddy bailed on DEFCON, sucks for him, so I got a bed available in a 2 beds room at the Linq hotel across the street to Caesars Palace . Yes your own bed! Available Friday to Sunday. Trying to offset the ridiculous amount I got my self into so:

    $180 if you plan to be for two nights ($90 a weekend night) (Check out 06:30am I got an early flight)

    $120 for just the night. (Check out at 09:00am on Saturday or 06:30am on Sunday)

    I am an IT Analyst hobby in pentest research. Avid gamer in RTS. Love to dance.

    Let me know if you are interested. I will get back to you on Thursday late morning. If you are in a BIND, please let me know I am willing to accommodate.


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    Might be interested.


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      I enjoy RTS as well! Pm'd.


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        Hi GNOME,

        I can't PM you so here I go.

        I'll be at Vegas for Sat-Sun to catch some talks and stuff at DEFCON. I got my previous reservation cancelled because plans changed. I can pay you the fee you mention :)

        Here is my email I am an independant consultant, I mostly do Security Architecture for AlienVault deployments, I am a 24yo male.

        If you don't have space, and you know of anybody else, please let me know, I don't wanna sleep on the streets haha.