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Almost a week later, still trying to recover....

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  • Almost a week later, still trying to recover....

    Can we please ask for moving sidewalks at DEFCON next year? I went through 3 pairs of shoes, 13 bandaids and a small furry animal. Seriously though, it was a blast and VERY well organized. Did not hear the Goons screaming as much as they had to in previous DC's. Actually had some great conversations with many of them and for the Goon who received a Special Coin, I WILL have a lot more with me next year.
    Swag wise, I would suggest that the Pins be changed each year to commemorate each DC. I've been collecting them from all DCs I have attended and there is too much repetition. Ping me, I do some graphic arts and have designed pins for friends. NOT knocking the existing pins, but maybe a contest on who can subtly make changes to these pins ?
    Shirts of XXL, sold out in record time. DUH, do you think maybe they need to order more of that size ?
    Didn't see the swag from years past. Shame. I picked up some older shirts, bags and various other swag from years past at previous DCs. Was it not here this year?

    Vendor Village. Mostly lock picking vendors. What happened to some of the other T-Shirt and pin people ? There used to be a lot more of them. Some of them even used to sell some interesting equipment/boards/ swag. Oh well, new venue new rules? But wasn't DC a focal point of breaking the rules ?

    Vandalism. More evident this year. You want to rip down a building or parts of it? I hear that Circus Circus is going to be demolished. Great place to get your frustrations out ;) In my book destroying property within a venue is not hacking. Bringing something down and hiding things and replacing where no one knows about it... well that is cool. But destruction of a venue?

    For the person writing "Romanes eunt domus" and "Romani ite domum" on various posters and boards, and parts of that scene crossed out, Brilliant! Only those who are true Pythonians will understand this.

    Wait, that is an excellent idea for a speech! If anyone remembers the Monty Python Sketch on the origins of humor and pie throwing, Let's create a talk in a Pythonian way on disassembling a computer ? or a website? or something computer related. It would be a huge hit! we know hackers love Python ;)

    Overall, a great experience as always.