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Cannabis Con/Village (early/rough CFP?)

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  • Cannabis Con/Village (early/rough CFP?)

    Me and some other people from our dc group have been kicking around the idea of a Cannabis con/Village at Defcon 26. Thus far we've bounced the idea off of some Defcon attendees, people involved in various aspects of the cannabis industry, and even off Darktangent himself. Though there are important caveats and concerns, so long as we keep within the bounds of cannabis usage set forth by Las Vegas and the hotel, we can and may do this. It's in this light I wondered what goodness might come from opening up the discussion.

    At a high level, I see the content as drawing influence from the other villages & events but ultimately bringing said influences back into the conceptual lane of cannabis. What I mean is that we may have things that involve Biohacking (growing/hydroponic workshops, genetics, etc), Robotics & Hardware Hacking, Law, and even some reverse engineering/red-team/meat-and-potatoes pentesting type stuff.

    We're still figuring out whether we're going to pull the trigger, but here's what I'm wondering:

    - Who'd be interested in this? Would you?
    - Would you be interested in giving one of the talks listed below at the pastebin link?
    - Have you any ideas for talks or events that we haven't thought of but would still be relevant and awesome?
    - Assuming our at-con content was good, how far - if at all - would you be willing to go offsite for an after-party? What if there was a party-bus that took you there?
    - Are there any got'chas we're missing or pieces of info you can think of that might save us logistical or legal headaches?
    - What has your experience been with medical or recreational marijuana in Vegas, Nevada, and/or around the time of Defcon?

    List of talk ideas thus far: