Hello everyone!

I have been well-known for long posts on the forums, but know it is not desired by most; I will try to be brief. :-)

I've been a forum Admin for around 13 years. My first con as a Human was DEF CON 5. I've put more years into DEF CON as a non-Human than as a human.

I started the process of retirement from my work as a volunteer for DEF CON on the DEF CON Forums in May of 2017, working over 5-6 months to hand-over reigns of reign to Jeff, who is now the primary DEF CON Forums Admin, and your supreme leader and overlord all things DEF CON Forums. :-)

My last day is October 31, and my last moment as admin will be 11:59:59pm pacific time.

I am planning for my exit to be a quiet one. I will also leave BC quietly without any announcement.

Thanks to all of you for the fun and learning; I leave you in the capable hands of The Dark Tangent.

Learn everything, enjoy all of the things, happy hacking!

Retired Forum Admin,