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    VX Village (Variety eXploitation)

    Chip-off Challenge:
    Similar to last DC26, we will have ten IR Rework Stations (at Vegas store) for chip off practical exercise and corresponding chip data analysis

    3D-print lock picking:
    Some 3D key card printing challenge will be provided to the participants to unlock the TSA lock.

    USB Exploits:
    USB programming for simple exploitation, like Teensy and USB Ninja,

    VXCON Village VXCON (Variety eXploitation) Village is held by VXRL Hong Kong. VXRL is founded by a group of passionate security researchers and white-hat hackers in Hong Kong. Our team has deep expertise in software and hardware security, and we have hands-on domain knowledge in several vertical industries. Our mission is to make the cyberspace a safe place for the future. Our village this time will cover not only chip-off technique but also some hardware like SMD badge soldering skill. It is an in-depth hand-on playground.

    Dark Tangent
    The Dark Tangent
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