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  • DEF CON China 1.0 general discussion area

    Please use this topic to ask questions and have general conversation about DEF CON China 1.0. I'll mark it sticky.
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    Is anyone else having trouble registering for DEF CON China? I keep trying to register and get an error message (Error 522).


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      What link are you using mhanley? This one?

      Then create an account:

      And I see this error: " - Server not found"

      I've got a ticket in with them!
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        Thanks, Dark Tangent, yes that's the error I see. I tried to create an account but am not getting an email authorization code. Thanks for looking into it.


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          What country are you in and what browser?

          there is an outage issue for Baidu Cloud in Macau.
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            hope you guys have successfully registered for Def Con China 1.0.
            I am having trouble with .
            I placed the order and paid using paypall.
            but unfortunately I have not received any confirmation email or ticket from . Also list of completed order in account profile is empty. And they offer no customer service or contact us.

            Please somebody guide me in this regards
            Thanks in advance


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              Thank you to everyone who made DEF CON China 1.0 a success! - With the new location in the art district it really feels like DEF CON is meant to be - creative spaces plenty of room to grow.

              With China 1.0 complete we will now start gathering all the pictures, music, and conference videos to post to

              If you have any pictures you want to share please post them!
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                It's been 11 YEARS since my last time post here. I'm really honored to witness the DEF CON China is coming! Thanks to all of those who keep making contribution to this.
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                  QQ: Were the talks recorded at DCC1.0, and if so, will they be posted or otherwise available somewhere? If so, when? Thanks, and bigger thanks to everyone who contributed to making this happen! Wanted to go but didn't get my visa paperwork in time. Planning on attending 2020.


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                    Yes they were recorded, and we started getting them right before DEF CON 27. We will start editing and uploading them next week once we are all back home and somewhat recovered.
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                      Q: (and apologies if this was posted somewhere I missed...) Is there a tentative date for China 2.0?


                      • The Dark Tangent
                        The Dark Tangent commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Not yet, but hope to know within a month, we are hoping to be a few weeks or so earlier in the year,