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r00tz info available on website, not forums (

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  • r00tz info available on website, not forums (

    Try here: ; DM me if you need any more info.

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    Modafinil I'll copy the information over here to make it easier, with no description people won't even know what R00tz is and the Forums will be where we copy and paste your information from for the printed program and web site. røøtz Asylum
    r00tz: A place where kids learn white-hat hacking to better the world

    Through hands-on workshops and games, kids learn reverse engineering, soldering, cryptography and how to responsibly disclose security bugs

    WHO IS r00tz FOR?

    r00tz Asylum is open to anyone who is curious and open to learning new things, like encryption, information security, hardware engineering and more. The average age of kids coming to r00tz is between 8 and 16 years old.

    There is no pre-registration to r00tz sessions. Like all DEF CON events you must wait in line outside the door for each session that you and your kid would like to attend.

    Because of limited space in the classroom and workshop rooms, you and your kid may not be able to attend certain sessions because they will be full.HOW MUCH DOES r00tz COST

    r00tz has no additional fee but kids and parents must have a DEF CON badge. These badges can be bought at the conference. Please see DEF CON for more information.

    Parents will be required to sign a waiver/release form when registering their child for the first time at the r00tz rooms. This waiver form will require them to show and fill out their identification for themselves and their child.

    Parents are responsible for their children throughout the r00tz sessions. Parents and kids must stay together at all times. If the room fills up then the doors will be closed and no one else may enter. WAT PARENTS MUST KNOW ABOUT DEF CON

    DEF CON is a very adult orientated conference, more of a party then your typical conference. There will be adult language, alcohol and there may be nudity.
    The r00tz conference room will be situated in and around the adult DEF CON, therefore you and your kids will be exposed to a wide assortment of people, lifestyles and philosophies.
    We are not trying to scare you off but please research past DEF CON conferences and understand the environment that you are bringing your child into.

    It is very wise that you read these FAQ’s about DEF CON.
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