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Is RSS / ATOM still a thing?

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  • Is RSS / ATOM still a thing?

    In trying to debug the RSS issue on forums, where you can pick the little orange RSS feed button to follow a forum or sub-forum, we quickly realized no browsers include an RSS reader anymore!

    Firefox had one, as did IE. Now FF and Edge and TBB doesn't know how to parse them. iOS wants you to open them in "news" but then fails.

    Is RSS even a thing anymore for users? Or is it now just used in automation? What replaced it?
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    While the browsers don't have them anymore. I still bounce between RSS applications on my phone + computer. Sadly you probably are right, it is dying with the centralized web.


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      What reader do you suggest for FireFox or external? Something popular that would represent what someone might use to follow a sub forum or thread with.
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        Feedly works fine for me.
        Let's keep the Dumbfuckery to a minimum today.


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          I collect interesting RSS feeds for my CMS to share info & content, for example : which is a collection of Japan related newsfeeds.
          If there is a defcon feed I will add it to my site .

          update: added it to my new blog: example of the rss feed over on the right down a bit...

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          • The Dark Tangent
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            Hey! Is that you? Great to hear from you!

            I'm going to play with Feedly and see how subscribing to different forums end up looking.

          • ironfeather`
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            yeppers, phun to be back. by the way i tried Niseko ski action, it is awesome. feel welcome this winter.