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CFP Now Open - Crypto & Privacy Village @ DC 27

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  • CFP Now Open - Crypto & Privacy Village @ DC 27

    The Crypto & Privacy Village will be returning for our 6th year at DEF CON 27!
    Where: Celebrity 6 & 7 @ Planet Hollywood

    TL;DR: Submit by June 15th at

    ╏ ABOUT US ╏
    The Crypto & Privacy Village is returning to DEF CON 27, and we’re looking for top-notch presentations and workshops to fill our schedule. In the past, the Village has featured workshops and talks on everything from quantum crypto to FOIA, discussions on privacy and crypto tools, and a key signing party.

    Passionate about cryptography or privacy? Interested in helping people encrypt their lives? Have a talk that’s better suited for a niche audience? Submit YOUR proposal to the Crypto & Privacy Village Call for Presentations and Workshops!

    Please, no sales pitches. If you have a unique perspective related to your company’s products, please make it as vendor-neutral as possible.

    Please note that the Crypto & Privacy Village is not the place for talks about cryptocurrencies. Do you have a talk about the blockchain? Please make sure it relates to a topic in cryptography or privacy.

    ╏ SUBMISSION DEADLINE ╏ June 15, 2019 at 11:59:59 PM PDT.

    ╏ WHERE TO SUBMIT╏ Please visit

    Introductions & Overviews to cryptographic subfields (Crypto 101)
    Cryptanalysis, side channels, & implementation-specific attacks on crypto
    Algorithm- and protocol-level analysis of specific crypto/privacy tools
    Post-quantum cryptography
    Secure messaging (messages, email, etc.)
    Hardware-based crypto and hardware acceleration
    Useable cryptography (targeted/at-risk populations, the “reasonable” consumer)
    Cryptographic APIs, open-source libraries, implementations, & standards
    Public-Key Infrastructure
    Transport Layer Security/Web Security
    Privacy By Design
    Privacy Engineering
    Hacker con talks shouldn’t fit into nice, tidy boxes, so I’m doing something else
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    Can't edit my original post for some reason - but the Crypto & Privacy Village will actually be in Planet Hollywood Celebrity 1 & 2!