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Music Night - Saturday June 1st

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  • Music Night - Saturday June 1st

    After the talks end we will convert the speaking space into the music night space.

    Come party in the tank!

    Music performers to be posted here shortly.
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    Theme: A crossover experience involving sound and light installation, immersive stage, technology and art.
    When: June 1st 2019, 6:30 - 9PM
    Where: 751 D-PARK Beijing
    Program: Approximately 2.5 hours, 5 parts

    PART ONE: DJ Abby
    PART TWO: Geek Music ( Baidu Music Society Band)
    PART THREE: Electronic Music (777: China’s premier and pioneering electronic music artist)
    PART FOUR: Rap (RAPPER Nineone)
    PART FIVE: Multimedia art show (Wan Who!)

    Artist Bios:
    DJ Abby: The prettiest female DJ in the KPOP / Rap / EDM arena.

    Baidu Music Society Band is comprised of five geek musicians from Baidu, iQiyi and NetEase. At work, they are R & D engineers, product managers and marketing personnel. Their research fields include AI, intelligent voice, search, video etc. Their alter egos are musicians who have been in the limelight of major music festivals or who have rich experience in various music genres. Under the leadership of Zhu Shengxian, president of Baidu Music Association, they will open for DEF CON LIVE MUSIC.

    777: Founder of China’s first proper electronic band “supermarket”.

    NineOne: Popular Chinese rapper, whose single “Puma” launched her into fame with over 100,000 fans on Weibo.

    Wan Who?: (Floating Destiny) Floating Destiny 2.0 is an interactive art installation inspired by the I Ching and accompanied by live performance.
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      PART ONE:DJ Abby
      PART TWO: 极客音乐(暂定百度音乐社团成员)
      PART THREE:电子音乐(777:中国电子音乐的先驱乐队超级市场的主创)
      PART FOUR:嘻哈音乐(RAPPER Nineone)
      PART FIVE:多媒体艺术舞台(wanwho!)


      DJ ABBY是朝鲜族最美90后的女DJ, 擅长于TRAP, HipHop, EDM多种音乐风格。

      百度音乐社团乐队:截至目前,首批阵容已诞生—百度音乐社团,分别来自百度、爱奇艺、网易的五位极客音乐人,职场上他们的身份是研发工程师、产品经理、市场营销,研究领域涉及AI、智能语音、搜索、视频等,他们的另一身份,则是常年出没于各大音乐节镁光灯中央、拥有丰富的摇滚乐、交响乐、民乐、合唱团管理经验的音乐人,擅长音乐风格遍及摇滚、金属、朋克、迷幻、流行......在百度音乐社团社长朱胜贤的率领下,DEF CON LIVE MUSIC 的开场曲目将由他们演绎,点燃全场第一乐章。

      777: 中国第一支真正意义上的电子乐队超级市场(supermarket)主创。


      Wanwho!: Wan Who? —— 《流动的命运》流动的命运2.0” (Floating Destiny) 是基于《易经》为灵感创作的交互艺术装置,并伴随现场表演。
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