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    The Aviation Village Team is working hard to pulll everything together. This is our first year so things are pretty chaotic. We are looking for volunteers to help with the village and organizations that would like to partner with us. We will be announcing an open CFP soon. We are @aviationvillage on Twitter and a web site will be up soon.
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    Just to clear up any misconceptions.

    There may be presentations in the Black Hat and DEFCON speaking tracks on aviation security. Those talks were accepted by Black Hat and DEFCON separately and are not part of the Aviation Village. Only content in the village is sponsored by us.


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      I sent a PM to gurneyh but I have some experience in this area and would be interested in volunteering and possibly giving a talk


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        The Aviation Village is on taxi and ready for liftoff! Planning is underway and we now need to get the word out. We have a website ( and a twitter account (@aviationvillage) to help with that. Our Call for Papers is open and we're looking for volunteers (for planning and onsite). So please Tweet/Facebook/LinkedIn/TikToc about it!

        To catch up those who haven't been in on the planning, here are a few updates. Let us know if you want to help with or participate in any of these.
        • We will have about 3,000 square feet at Bally's, alongside Hack the Sea, Car Hacking Village, ICS Village, and others.
        • We will be sharing a couple of dedicated rooms for talks with the other villages. Our CFP is up at
        • DHS will be on hand to help in triaging and coordinating any vulnerabilities that are found. Safety is critical.
        • The Village will host demonstrations and workshops on aviation equipment and are looking for more, so if you've got some spare kit lying around let us know!
        • We are planning to have a workshop to build PiAware devices - ADS-B sniffers that let you track planes flying overhead.
        • We are looking for volunteers, particularly pilots and those who have worked in the aviation ecosystem. Point a friend our way, if you know someone!
        • There will be many expenses, so if your company wants to sponsor let us know and we can work something out.
        And look for more from us in the coming weeks as we continue down the runway at takeoff speed.