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  • Beijing Thoughts: SIM Cards

    The Defcon China 1.0 FAQ mentioned that foreign SIMs will potentially work in Beijing unabated. I can confirm this as well at least for one provider from the States (hint: they're big into search). If you have to manually set your network provider while you're here it's probably gonna be China Unicom. I believe this is the T-Mobile, Deutsche Telecom, etc. related network.

    Buying a Chinese SIM is increasingly hard. I'm sure there are ways but I'd be surprised if you can get a SIM for a brief visit and you don't speak Chinese. They now require a passport to sign up and you can't buy SIMs off the street like you could before. Also, if you don't speak Chinese you'll have a real hard time (maybe impossible) trying to pick your plan when talking to the sales person. The plan also doesn't automatically end if you simply stop paying. If you potentially ever come back they might hit you up with a huge bill.