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Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest (BCCC) 14 at DEF CON 27

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  • Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest (BCCC) 14 at DEF CON 27

    So I'm going to guess if we have a topic in the forums we have a contest this year. If I hear otherwise I'll let yall know.

    Righteo, so the BCCC

    Trump is trumping, Theresa May is waffling, Vladimir Putin is meddling, Xi Jinping reeducating, Angela Merkel is resigning, but worst of all the beverage isn't cooling! I've tried everything! I built a wall around it! I posted misleading information on social media about it! I locked it in a closet and sang inspiring nationalistic songs at it for five hours! I tried to convince it to just be cold but gave up! Nothing is working!

    The BCCC returns to DEFCON bringing warm beverage somebody needs to make cold. That somebody could be you! Didn't bring a contraption? No problem! You can enter the hacked category and only compete against others who build their contraption at the convention. The BCCC is a light hearted contest with a crazy yet easy going atmosphere. We are always looking for new faces and hope to see you there!

    You can find the rules and other information on our "website" cough cough

    To get an idea of participation we would really appreciate if people would indicate their intent to participate by replying to this post. This helps us determine the amount of supplies and prize beverage we need to bring. Also please let us know if your contraption has any special requirements so we can see about meeting them.
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    Yes, correct ic434

    If you have any logos or additional links let me know and I can edit the top post.
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