Waste of your time to read this. It is a waste of my time to write this. I have many pressing obligations such as important government documents to fill out, paid clients projects to start, correspondence to answer and also many phun hobbies to focus on such as firing up the sewing machine to make some DIY silk lingerie and also to design & produce a fancy kite. I should be working on a new issue of my zine, remixing a track for a friend in Denver, updating my websites, getting a walk in, cleaning my guest room, preparing for the Spring garden, listing books online to sell or cutting my fingernails but instead I want to design some software to phuck with spammers.

So spamming is really almost totally automated but a few random cats actually do fill in a feedback form. So why not design software to check the weather in their area via their IP and warn them, “hey bro, looks like major rain in Cincinnati area so wear your galoshes tomorrow!” and design the form to ask endless questions, tease them, taunt them, waste their time! I was thinking of to incorporate the mighty ZORK text adventure game, ELIZA and perhaps tap into the IBM Watson AI. I could pour tons of time into this project, perhaps invite you to help me :)