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OpenCTF at DEF CON 27

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  • OpenCTF at DEF CON 27

    Friday: 10:00-20:00, Saturday: 10:00-20:00

    OpenCTF, a hacking contest built on the principle of inclusion with challenges for all skill levels, is returning to DEFCON this year under new management.

    OpenCTF will continue to be open to all, so if you're new to CTF come talk to us and we'll help you get started or find a team, but bring your dedication if you aspire to win. Neg9, long time players and former winners, will be organizing and hosting the contest. Get ready for the next level!
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    Best of luck to Neg9! We had a blast running it for 5 years and know it will be great under your management.



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      Thanks drifter. We always had a blast working on the challenges v& created, and we have been working hard to try and meet the level of fun, challenge, and trolling you set.

      For anyone that is interested in competing, show up at the table on Friday with your team and we wil get you registered. You need some form of computer, props if you can solve challenges on a graphing calculator, and if you want to bring a desktop go for it, but laptops are probably the best choice. Besides that you shouldn't NEED anything, there should be a network drop at each table and you can compete from that or the defcon wifi. But we recommend bringing a surge protector and small switch if you plan on camping at a table with your team. Also, hardware hacking tools may be useful, but the hardware hacking village should have access to anything you truly need to complete a challenge.

      Follow for updates, and feel free to check out our pretty website at Click the kitty on the scoreboard if you dare.



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        We've compiled and released all of the challenges from OpenCTF at DEF CON 27 in 2019! Check them all out here: - better late than never, right? Stay safe out there, and have fun with the challenge sources!