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warl0ck gam3z CTF at DEF CON 27

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  • warl0ck gam3z CTF at DEF CON 27

    warl0ck gam3z CTF is a hands-on 24/7 throw-down, 3 time black badge hacker competition, focusing on areas of physical security, digital forensics, hacker challenges and whatever craziness our exploit team develops. This is an online framework so participants can access it regardless of where they are or what network they are connected to via laptop, netbook, tablet or phone.

    Most challenges require participants to download something that pertains to the problem at hand and solve the challenge using whatever tools, techniques or methods they have available.There are a multitude of point gainers on and off the game board. Extra point gainers will randomly appear on the game board in the form of The Judge, Bonus Questions, Free Tokens, One Time Tokens, Movie Trivia Quotes, Scavenger Hunts (online and onsite), Lock Picking (onsite) and Flash Challenges. Be careful of the 50/50 Token which may add or subtract points to your score.

    The game board contains a scoring area so participants can view current standings. There is always on onsite/online moderator to assist participants that may be experiencing issues as well. All events highlights that occur on the game board are sent o to Twitter as they happen. Additionally, our Facebook site will be populated with information regarding the challenge and the current state of events.
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