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  • Toxic BBQ Volunteer Opportunities

    Toxic BBQ 16:00- 22:00 Thursday of con, Sunset Park, Pavilion F, (36.0636, -115.1178). Toxic BBQ is a pre-con event, and there is plenty to do before, during and after. If you'd like to pitch in, here are ways to contribute:

    - Watch for flyers, the sign bearer during LineCon, and @dcib for day-of announcements
    - Supply Run assembles at a main Info Booth at 13:00 this year. Volunteers hit up a local Costco for the staples and split the cost.
    - Grill and Setup volunteers will assemble at 13:00 as well to get food started as soon as possible. Fires light at 3 so the coals are good and hot by 4.
    - Heading to the BBQ with an empty car or taxi? WTF! Ride-share and split the cost while making new BFFs.
    - Is there something you must have at every barbecue? Head to the grocers on the way to the pavilion and teach us the error of our ways.
    - Throughout the BBQ, supply runs are needed. Are you willing to work for swag? Then you might have what it takes should destiny call (you to go get more ice)!
    - We practice Leave no Trace so the pavilion looks better than we found it at the end of the night. Help clean up before the police kick us out at 10pm!

    Help make the BBQ better than you remember it. Volunteer and pitch when the time comes.

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    Are you doing ham exams again this year? Stepping up to volunteer again if that's the case.


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      We are not. Would love to set up a study session or ham demonstration instead. Haven't had a chance to arrange much.


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        There is a Ham Radio Village this year. It wouldn't surprise me if they're doing ham exams, and probably a lot more things of interest.


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          Hello. This is my first DefCon/ToxicBBQ. I'm soon to be a Las Vegas local. So, I'll have a large vehicle at your disposal for supply runs and or taxi rides.What simplex freq should I monitor as I arrive? ~ "Jack Babbage" K6NNL


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            I got my license last year and haven't been able to do much. Still looking for an Elmer. Have thought about having a call-in station or similar at the BBQ. I'd check with the Ham Village contact for in-conference details.


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              muy buen post