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DC Gothcon at DEF CON 27

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  • DC Gothcon at DEF CON 27

    Desired day(s) of party:
    Any evening. TBD

    Start time/end times (please note that we shut down at 02:00, earliest start is 1930, we may require you to start later):

    ESTIMATED number of people attending (if you have attendance numbers from previous years please include them):
    100-200? Last year just being printed in the guide as a meetup and tweeting, we did a bar crawl with 70+ participants. We'd love to go bigger this year.

    Theme of party (please remember to check the DEF CON theme for this year: Technology's Promise):
    Goths! Goth friends, goth-adjacent, pastel goths, cyber goths, fictitious goths, real goths, musical goths, goth nerds, etc. Just a themed party where goth humans and their friends can come all dressed up (or not. We don't judge).

    Describe your party (details, details and more details please):
    Multiple goth / industrial / witchhouse DJs have volunteered from last year's meetup. Ideally, we have a space that can use amplified sound. (If it has that set up, even better.)
    PGP Key:

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    details from party organizers here: