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Workshop Information: Learning to Hack Bluetooth Low Energy with BLE CTF

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  • Workshop Information: Learning to Hack Bluetooth Low Energy with BLE CTF

    Title: Learning to Hack Bluetooth Low Energy with BLE CTF

    Instructor: Ryan Holeman

    Abstract: BLE CTF is a series of Bluetooth low energy challenges in a capture the flag format. It was created to teach the fundamentals of interacting with and hacking Bluetooth Low Energy services. Each exercise, or flag, aims to interactively teach a new concept to the user. For this workshop, we will step through a series of exercises to teach beginner students new concepts and allow more seasoned users to try new tools and techniques. After completing this workshop, you should have a good solid understanding of how to interact with and hack on BLE devices in the wild.

    If you have done BLE CTF in the past, this class is still valuable. This class will be based off of a complete rewrite of BLE CTF which is being released as version 2.0. It will still have many of the challenges from 1.0, but restructured, where every flag is hosted in a completely separate GATT service. Along with the v1.0 flags, new new version allows for more advanced challenges which were not possible in the past.

    To prepare for the workshop, please follow the the setup documentation located at

    Level: All skill levels welcome

    Pre-Requisites: None

    Required Materials: Preferably a Linux box with a bluetooth controller or a bluetooth usb dongle. An OSX or Windows machine with a Linux VM and usb passthough works as well but should be setup and tested before the workshop.

    The workshop exercises run on a relatively cheap piece of hardware (ESP32). If attendees want to bring their own to get flashed, we can assist. If they want to buy one, I sell them pre-flashed for $20.

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    Conference materials writemyessaytoday

    Hello, I study Cybersecurity and we had a short module (4 lectures + 2 seminars) dedicated to Bluetooth Low Energy, but unfortunately, I have never taken the time to dive into it. Now, as I'm involved in the ProductSecurityInc research, I need to test it and the CTF to run using nrfConnect app.


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      I found the guide by Tristan Claverie. Here's the video with Ryan Holeman talking about BLE CTF.


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        Hello...the purpose of BLE CTF is to teach the core concepts of Bluetooth Low Energy client and server interactions. While it has also been built to be fun, it was built with the intent to teach and reinforce core concepts that are needed to plunge into the world of Bluetooth hacking. After completing this CTF, you should have everything you need to start fiddling with any BLE GATT device you can find.