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  • Workshop Information: Purple Team CTF

    Title: Purple Team CTF

    Instructor: Sam Bowne & Elizabeth Biddlecome

    Abstract: Practice red and blue team skills in this fun, CTF-style workshop. Attendees will configure free Linux servers in the Google cloud to detect intrusions using Suricata, log files, and Splunk, and attack them with a Linux cloud server using Metasploit, Ruby, and Python scripts. They will also use Splunk to analyze ransomware and brute-force attacks and perform attribution, using archived event data from a realistic multi-server Windows corporate domain.

    All workshop materials are freely available on the Web, and will remain available after the workshop. All required software and cloud resources are free to use.

    Level: Intermediate

    Pre-Requisites: Familiarity with basic networking and security concepts.

    Required Materials: A computer with a Web browser and a credit card (the credit card won't be charged). All the systems used are free and in the cloud.