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Workshop Information: scapy_dojo_v1

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  • Workshop Information: scapy_dojo_v1

    Title: scapy_dojo_v_1

    Instructor: Hugo Trovao & Rushikesh D. Nandedkar

    Abstract: The workshop aims towards making beginners aware and comfortable with various facets of Scapy and its real time usages in various task of penetration testing.
    The flow of workshop will be as under:
    1. Scapy basics
    2. TCP Basics
    3. DHCP server
    4. DHCP server flooder || DNS/MDNS
    5. Crafting a layer using Scapy
    6. Fuzzing protocols with Scapy
    7. Covert channel using Scapy
    8. Scapy-radio

    Added value to the workshop:
    What attendees will learn:
    - sending/receiving/displaying/modifying packets with Scapy
    - implementing custom layers in Scapy
    - implement answerMachines in Scapy
    - to construct tools implementing some real life examples
    - simple fuzzing through Scapy and generators
    - to decode live traffic with an implemented protocol

    Working in Scapy consequently attendees will learn:
    - TCP basics
    - DHCP/DNS/MDNS basics
    - AJP13 protocol
    - fuzzing
    - Scapy-radio
    Prebuilt VM containing all scripts and dependencies in place.
    An ISO in progress can be found at:
    (/root contains install script. /src contains scripts. python-netaddr dependency needs to be installed manually as of now with apt.)

    Level: Beginner

    Pre-Requisites: Basics of Python scripting and networks.

    Required Materials: For Windows users:
    1. Virtualbox installed
    2. Administrator privileges
    3. 4GB+ RAM
    4. 50 GB free space
    For *nix users:
    1. Virtaulbox installed (optional)
    2. Root privileges
    3. 4GB+ RAM
    4. 50 GB free space
    (In case *nix users do not want to use Virtualbox, they can run scripts directly on their boxes, provided Python and Scapy is installed there.)