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  • Flatline

    Friday from 12:00 – 13:50 in Sunset 4 at Planet Hollywood
    Audience: Hardware and OpSec. East

    Flatline is a deterministic hardware credential manager. It can generate passwords, burner accounts, shortlinks, and BIP39 seeds. Based on a single mnemonic seed, with Flatline it is possible to store millions of dollars in cryptocurrency, and shortlinks that map to sensitive or stolen data. Store a criminal empire in your head, maintain a map of leaked documents that are hosted on the internet while storing nothing on your local disk, or maintain access to your assets when your house burns down and you have to flee to eastern Europe.

    East is a professional megalomaniac and dedicated troll. He lives in an underground bunker on an island in the south Pacific, where he spends his days eating Doritos, playing Counter Strike, and plotting world domination. When he is not busy destabilizing foreign governments, his hobbies include trolling phone scammers, hang gliding, and golf.