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Browser extension to hunt low hanging fruits (Hacking by just browsing)

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  • Browser extension to hunt low hanging fruits (Hacking by just browsing)

    Friday from 14:00 – 15:50 in Sunset 1 at Planet Hollywood
    Audience: Bug bounty hunters, Penetration testers, developers, open source contributors Rewanth Cool

    Automated scanners won’t yield you bugs these days. They take tens of hours to get completed and with too with a high false rate. You need a minimal smart scanner with easy installation, easy configuration, and relatively high accuracy while hunting for bugs. This talk is focused on creating such a browser extension to yield better results in less time. The browser extension requires less manual effort and produces more accurate results in just a few seconds.

    Rewanth Cool
    Rewanth Cool is a security consultant at Payatu Software Labs, India. Speaker at HITB (twice), Positive Hack Days(PHDays), CRESTCon, Bsides, Null Pune and trainer at MIT Pune. He is a programmer and open source contributor. Currently, he is focused on vulnerability research, web application security and contribution to security tools apart from his ongoing research on Machine Learning. One of his finest works include his collaboration with Nmap maintainer, Daniel Miller a.k.a bonsaviking and added 17,000 lines of code to Nmap.