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OSfooler-NG: Next Generation of OS fingerprinting fooler

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  • OSfooler-NG: Next Generation of OS fingerprinting fooler

    Friday from 14:00 – 15:50 in Sunset 6 at Planet Hollywood
    Audience: Defense Jaime Sanchez

    An outsider has the capability to discover general information, such as which operating system a host is running, by searching for default stack parameters, ambiguities in IETF RFCs or non-compliant TCP/IP implementations in responses to malformed requests. By pinpointing the exact OS of a host, an attacker can launch an educated and precise attack against a target machine. There are lot of reasons to hide your OS to the entire world: Revealing your OS makes things easier to find and successfully run an exploit against any of your devices. Having and unpatched or antique OS version is not very convenient for your company prestige. Imagine that your company is a bank and some users notice that you are running an unpatched box. They won't trust you any longer! In addition, these kind of 'bad' news are always sent to the public opinion. Knowing your OS can also become more dangerous, because people can guess which applications are you running in that OS (data inference). For example if your system is a MS Windows, and you are running a database, it's highly likely that you are running MS-SQL. It could be convenient for other software companies, to offer you a new OS environment (because they know which you are running). And finally, privacy; nobody needs to know the systems you've got running. OSfooler was presented at Blackhat Arsenal 2013. It was built on NFQUEUE, an iptables/ip6tables target which delegate the decision on packets to a userspace. It transparently intercepted all traffic that your box was sending in order to camouflage and modify in real time the flags in TCP/IP packets that discover your system. OSfooler-NG has been complete rewriten from the ground up, being highly portable, more efficient and combining all known techniques to detect and defeat at the same time: Active remote OS fingerprinting: like Nmap Passive remote OS fingeprinting: like p0f v2 Commercial engines like Sourcefire’s FireSiGHT OS fingerprinting Some additional features are: No need for kernel modification or patches Simple user interface and several logging features Transparent for users, internal process and services Detecting and defeating mode: active, passive & combined Will emulate any OS Capable of handling updated nmap and p0f v2 fingerprint database Undetectable for the attacker

    Jaime Sanchez
    Jaime Sánchez (aka @segofensiva) has worked for over 20 years as a specialist advisor for large national and international companies, focusing on different aspects of security such as consulting, auditing, training, and ethical hacking techniques. He holds a Computer Engineering degree and an Executive MBA. In addition, he holds several certifications, like CISA , CISM , CISSP , just to name a few, and a NATO SECRET security clearance, as a result of his role as advisory of many law enforcement organizations, banks and large companies in Europe and Spain. He has spoken in renowned security conferences nationally and internationally, as in RootedCON , Nuit du Hack , Black Hat , Defcon , DerbyCON , NocOnName , Deepsec , Shmoocon or Cyber Defence Symposium , among others. As a result of his researches, he has notified security findings and vulnerabilities to top companies and vendors, like Banco Popular, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Microsoft, Apple etc. He is a frequent contributor on TV (TVE, Cuatro, LaSexta, Telecinco), press (El Pais, El Mundo, LA Times, NBC News) and radio programs, and writes a blog called 'SeguridadOfensiva'