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  • OWASP Amass

    Saturday from 14:00 – 15:50 in Sunset 2 at Planet Hollywood
    Audience: Red Team, Blue Team, Bug Bounty Hunters, Penetration Testers Jeff Foley & Anthony Rhodes

    Today, organizations deal with the challenge of running their infrastructure across many networks and namespaces due to the use of cloud and hosting services, legacy environments and acquisitions. This can make it difficult for an organization to maintain visibility of its Internet-facing assets and an ability to track down systems that pose a risk to its security posture. The OWASP Amass Project has developed a tool to help information security professionals perform network mapping of attack surfaces and perform external asset discovery. During this talk, contributors to the project will discuss how OWASP Amass uses OSINT, network reconnaissance, graph databases and information sharing to provide both attackers and defenders better visibility of target organizations. Presenters will be providing an in-depth tour of all OWASP Amass features with tips and tricks shown along the way.

    Jeff Foley
    Jeff Foley is the Founder and Project Leader of OWASP Amass. Jeff has spent nearly twenty years as an innovative technologist taking on challenges in the area of cyber warfare. He started the Amass project after noticing the need for practical OSINT tools that aid information security professionals in mapping complex networks.

    Anthony Rhodes
    Anthony Rhodes has over five years of industry experience as a penetration tester, red teamer, and software engineer. He has been following the OWASP Amass Project since its inception and has recently joined as a contributor to help enrich its functionality beyond DNS enumeration and network mapping.