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    Saturday from 14:00 – 15:50 in Sunset 5 at Planet Hollywood
    Audience: Anyone interested in shellcode development Ionut Popescu

    Shellcode Compiler is a program that compiles C/C++ style code into a small, position-independent and NULL-free shellcode for Windows and Linux. It is possible to call any Windows API function or Linux syscall in a user-friendly way. The tool allows users to write custom shellcodes by providing an easy way to call functions or system calls. It does not have all the capabilities of a compiler, but it simplifies a lot the shellcode development process. There is no need to write assembler, it is only required to declare and call functions or system calls. Under the hood there is, of course, a custom compiler which compiles C/C++ style code into ASM which is later assembled using Keystone framework. Before the tool presentation, we will go into a deep dive on the shellcode development process for both Windows and Linux (32 bits only to keep it short and simple).

    Ionut Popescu
    Ionut Popescu works as a Product Security Engineer for UiPath. His focus lies on web application penetration testing, source code review, security architecture review and providing security trainings. In his free time, he also likes to do research focusing on Windows internals, ASM and exploit development. Ionut is a regular speaker at different conferences, e.g. Defcon, Defcamp or OWASP.