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Free T-Shirt? What are your top 3 "hacker themed/related" films?

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  • Free T-Shirt? What are your top 3 "hacker themed/related" films?

    Give your opinion for a chance to get a free TDF X-Hour Film Contest T-Shirt...
    • What are your top 3 "hacker themed/related" films?
    There are no wrong answers here... what is and isn't "hacker related or themed" can be kinda subjective...

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    1. Sneakers
    2. Wargames
    3. Tron


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      Prime Risk
      Tron (original)


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        Colossus: The Forbin Project


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          I like the ones so far, I'll add:

          3 Days of the Condor
          Ghost in the Shell
          The Conversation
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            I won't include those already included above, as people stole my ideas! (Damn it! I want my ideas back! (joking))

            A good pairing, but really old, show one then the other:
            *US, PBS aired : "The KGB, My Computer and Me" : Video adaptation of parts of Clifford Stoll's "The Cookoo's Egg" in tracking down people that broke into computers at his work, in part of a process to identify the source of an unexpected telephone/data service bill
            * German import (sometimes available with English Subtitles) : "23 - Nichts ist so wie es scheint." (23 - Nothing is as it seems.) : This is kind of a German adaptation of the other side of Clifford Stoll's story. There were complaints about accuracy. Several "real people" were alleged to have been combined into a single character, some fiction was thrown in, and circumstance of the ending, what and why, lead to disagreements. It still has elements showing other conventions which remind me a bit of early DEF CON with room sharing, and the early chill-out spaces with people playing with various tech. Though they did not cover DEF CON, they covered a security convention, and it depicted many similarities with early DEF CON.

            * US Movie : "The Constant Gardener" : This is not primarily a hacking movie. It has hacking elements. POSSIBLE SPOILERS: My favorite part was how someone wanted to decrypt a hard drive data, but did not know the passphrase to decrypt, so it was taken to this guy who had a kid who was "great with computers." What followed after that was amusing, and more like what could really happen than in a movie some guy "cracks" complex keyed encryption in like 60 seconds while under pressure? Really? The Constant Gardener showed what at the time was theorized capacities in eavesdropping by governments and large organizations, which are presently claimed to be in-use.

            Not a movie, but a series:
            * BBC, UK, "Spooks" in the US renamed "MI-5" : Several episodes include classic spy-craft, but also occasionally demonstrate some technically feasible "hacks" in computer systems, phones, networks, laptops, human decision making and more. Sadly, it also includes too many eye-rolling cases where Zorbo from Futurama might say something like, "WINDMILLS DON'T WORK THAT WAY! GOOD NIGHT!" :
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              The Matrix
              Ghost in the Shell
              Tron (1982)