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  • Shoot Electronic Badge

    I'm currently working on updating and reissuing the electronic badge/shot timer that Seeess made for DC23 shoot. I still haven't gotten the main production run back from fab, so all this is tentative:
    • SAO Header, with 3.3v regulator for Shitty Add Ons, board runs directly off batteries, but with some resoldering of jumpers, the whole board can run at 3.3v for longer life (but lower brightness)
    • The square shape has been upgraded to a totally different tilted square shape. Definitely not still a square.
    • Low profile microphone that doesn't break off easily
    • Slightly larger passives (0603 minimum) to help with hand soldering if anyone wants to hack on the basic circuit and change things around
    • 20 pin connector pin compatible with old badge pinout (uC pins changed slightly, but connector is the same)
    • Some kind of contest/challenge, prizes to be determined
    • Possibly longer battery life
    I'm supposed to get the main production run back from the fab in the next week or so, so barring any serious delays, this should happen.

    I should note for the uninitiated that this is, like last time, an unofficial badge that is not directly affiliated with the shoot. It will be for sale separately from admission.

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    Will the cannon badges be back?
    +++ Dallas +++


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      There's some discussion of that on the Slack. Looks like probably not, due to changes in NV law that consider black powder things "firearms". I am not involved in the Boom Badge though.