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  • DEF CON Workshops FAQ

    1. I was unable to sign up for a workshop, what gives?
    This year, we had issues with EventBrite that resulted in workshop sales being delayed by 11 minutes*. Once the issue was resolved, workshops sold out within 1 MINUTE. This was much faster than anticipated as it hasn't happened that quickly in previous years (average was 3 minutes for all workshops to sell out).

    *For the sake of transparency: we are working with support to figure out why the delay happened as the event configs hadn't changed from prior years. Once the issue is resolved, we will discuss internally how to avoid it happening again. In the meantime, I highly recommend that you check back periodically on the registration site to see if any spots open up in the weeks and days leading up to the con as people cancel their spot or follow the Looking For Ticket (LFT) thread:

    2. Can you add me to a waiting/standby list?
    There is no standby or waiting list to be added to for Workshops this year as a result of issues using them in previous years. The problem with waiting/standby lists is that if people no show for their seats, we release the tickets to the appropriate number of attendees, and they have 10 minutes to show up to the class before we can fairly release more spots. As a result, the instructors are interrupted frequently as new folks come in late and need to be caught up to the rest of the class, which is unfair to both the attendees who were already in the class and the instructors.

    3. Are you saying there's no way that I can attend a workshop?
    Not in the slightest! Dark Tangent has created a post ( where attendees can state which workshops they're looking to attend so that if someone needs to transfer their ticket, they can do so.

    4. I won't be able to attend the workshop I have a ticket for--How do I transfer the ticket to someone who is LFT?
    Send your barcode to someone who is LFT or send an email to workshops(at)defcon(dot)org with a request to transfer your ticket to someone else (either you can specify who with an email or you can let us know and we'll find the first person from the thread who requested the class).

    5. Are workshops recorded?
    No, workshops have not and are not planned to be recorded. That being said, the majority of instructors provide slides and other materials to be posted on the DEF CON media server (

    I will continue to update this post as I get more questions and appreciate all of you for continuing to show an interest in workshops as well as for your patience.

    Thank you!!!
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    Was early on about a Workshop fee to stop no-shows. Now I don't see anything even in FAQs. What is the status and process for paying?
    Just want to bring cash if needed.
    Thank you!


    • The Dark Tangent
      The Dark Tangent commented
      Editing a comment
      It's not happening this year. We wanted to, but logistically it all happened too late for us. Next year!

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    I am a first timer new to this such that I have not started. I am signed up for zero workshops. I am dying to get in and learn. I would really loooove to do ANY workshop! Just give me your price.


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      I couldn't register to any workshops last few weeks. Now I can't even be on any workshop at all because of no standby. This Sux0r! Why not just make the workshop starts after 10 min. That way any no show of workhop hoggers can be released and no interruption nor need for catchups. Also, the note said anyone on standby list will be notified. How can we be on those standby list?


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        Do we need our Defcon Badge for Workshops? I will be buying a badge but I usually try to avoid the crazy line Thursday Morning and I have a 10am Workshop.