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    So you've signed up for "Introduction to Reverse Engineering With Ghidra", and you're wondering, "What do I bring?". Glad you asked.

    Laptop, 64-bit OS, 4GB of RAM, more if you want to work in a VM. We're working with real malware, BUT only in static analysis, not running it. You'll need admin privs to exclude folders from AV.

    Your work may/should have policies about using the company laptop to YOLO around with malware. Otherwise, make a needed-anyways backup before your trip, and you should be fine, unless you INTENTIONALLY rename and run the malware.

    Students who bring burner laptops are encouraged to bring weird and unusual systems that serve as conversation pieces or fashion statements. Please make sure that it can run Ghidra. Show and tell!

    If the Ghidra debugger is released before the workshop, I'll probably fumble through some demonstration of it. This would involve Running The Malware, so following with that bit would be reserved for folks running VMs.

    A notebook and pen/pencil would probably be nice too. You may want to take notes, and Ghidra will be taking up most of your screen real estate.