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  • Prepare for the demo!

    Hi all! I'm Mike and I'll be giving this demo.

    The Chaos Drive is basically a Linux OTG USB Gadget that does fun stuff with presented storage. In order to fully participate in this demo you will need an OTG capable linux device. I have built and tested the Chaos Drive on a Raspberry Pi Zero and a PocketBeagle.

    I HIGHLY recommend you bring a PocketBeagle. Early on, I had much better success tweaking its performance so I basically stopped working on the Pi Zero. Besides the PocketBeagle is an amazing board and you know you want one anyway. Tell your significant other I told you you had to get one.

    Links for purchase (I’m not getting any kind of commission here, these are just provided for your convenience). These are in priority order. You will need the first 3 at a minimum:
    You absolutely can play around with Chaos Drive on a Pi Zero. But it HAS to be a Pi Zero. Most other Raspberry boards are not OTG capable. The Model A and A+ ARE OTG capable but I have not worked with one, so I don’t know if Chaos Drive will work without tweaking.

    I will shortly be providing a complete Chaos Drive image you can download, burn to an SD card, slap it into a PocketBeagle, and have your Chaos Drive running in under 15 seconds. I will NOT be providing a Pi Zero image.

    Let me know if you have any questions,

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    I've posted my repo!

    The instructions on how to build a custom image are not ready yet, but the "Quick Start" with my provided image works (at least it did when I tested it)

    Dig in and enjoy. Bring your questions to me on the demo floor!


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      great! thanks for posting all this - very helpful! h.


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        nice job on providing all the links for the items - that is really a great idea.