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DEFCON 27 Is To Spread Out!

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  • DEFCON 27 Is To Spread Out!

    I've been to DC24, DC25 and DC26 and I was looking forward to least until I saw the maps for DC27.

    You have separated the event into three (3) hotels.
    I can understand having the workshops in one hotel, the demo labs in another and the major presentations in another.

    But separating the villages into three (3) hotels...OMG. What were you thinking. One of the things that I enjoyed at the past DC events is the small talks and demonstrations that are given in the villages.
    For example you could attend a talk in the Hardware Hacking village at 1000 and then turn around and attend a talk in the IOT village at 1200.

    I would challenge you to do that this year. They are now in separate hotels from what I can see.
    I would think that walking from Paris/Bally's to the Flamingo would take at least 15-20 minutes at least. Of course that's if you are young and in good shape.

    Why not rearrange the conference so that ALL OF THE VILLAGES are maintained within the same hotel.

    Just my 2 cents.


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    We had originally planned to be in two hotels for Villages, but then we had a bunch of unused space at Flamingo that we still had to pay for.

    If we could put everything in one hotel we would. For example Ballys is nothing but villages and it is full. Then we filled up Planet Hollywood and started to turn away villages for lack of space. Some villages WANTED to be in the Flamingo and were interested in destination traffic only and less in random traffic. So we filled that up as well.

    It's allowed us to try new things we wouldn't have space for, and I'm betting we will make adjustments down next year based on what Villages are popular.
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