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What band is the fox hunt going to use?

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  • What band is the fox hunt going to use?

    I'm looking forward to trying the fox hunt this year and was thinking about making a directional antenna ahead of time - not that hacking something together in a hotel room with whatever you can find at the 11th hour isn't fun!

    I was hoping to look at the old site just to see what band was normally used but the old site seems to be, what is the technical term, oh yes kaput. I assume the game is normally played on the 2m (or maybe the 70cm) just due to how many people have handy talkies on these band. Is anyone able to confirm what is being used this year or at least that the previous years were 2m?

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    Maybe some clues here:
    PGP Key:


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      If I were to guess I'd say 2m.
      I seem to remember seeing pictures of participants of the hunt using what looked like a 2 element 2m yagi.
      I'm throwing into my suitcase an arrow 2m/440mhz yagi. Disassembles into a small pouch and covers both bases. Just need to make sure I bring the UHF to SMA adapter and cable.
      good luck,see you there!


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        Richard here, I'm running the Ham Radio Fox Hunt contest. The foxes will be transmitting on the standard 2m fox frequencies:

        - Transmitter 1 on 146.565 MHz
        - Transmitter 2 on 146.430 MHz
        - Transmitter 3 on 145.565 MHz

        While you don't really need a yagi or moxon or another good RDF antenna - at least not on the first two days - I'd love to see some great stuff. I have a purpose-built RDF antenna I'll be building at the contest table if people want to play with it.

        Any questions - best to reach me on twitter. Handle is same as account name here.

        See y'all in just over a week!

        Edit: the WiFi Village will have some other foxes hiding, and theirs will be much harder to locate, so wet your feet with the ham contest and then go see if you can find one of Rick and the gang's foxes!
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