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What time should I arrive at on Thursday?

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  • What time should I arrive at on Thursday?

    Hello, I'm Morgan,I'm working as an IT expert for APKNite company
    It's my first time at DEFCON, so I'm wondering what time should I arrive at DEFCON (and where specifically) on Thursday to not wait an absurd amount of time in line.
    If there's any must-sees this year please let me know too. I'll definitely be going to DEFCON 101 to get a better grip of what's going on.
    Also, are demo labs interactive or is it workshops only?
    Thank you in advance for the help!

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    Morgan, don't knock Line on. You can get a lot of info/advice in line. That said, talks start at 10:00, and they have targeted for under 2 hours wait in recent years. Best advice l have is check with one of the reg goons from time to time as to current wait time.


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      totally agree with gdmoisboq - this is my 6th defcon and I have done linecon every single year. DC713 has been making (our second year actually) making special linecon poker chips for the first 1000 people in line. There is a really good time to be had by all and lots of socializing. Typically I get in line about 10PM and am within the first 100 or so people. There are lots of things going down that night and if you are doing summer camp the bsides pool party is excellent. We will be having a gathering at the Cornish Pasty near downtown that evening from 7 - 10 and you are more than welcome to come. Hope you enjoy your con and feel free to reach out on twitter if we can help at all!


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        I'm already in line, kinda sorta.


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          which hotel?

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        Originally posted by lost screw View Post
        I'm already in line, kinda sorta.
        Take advantage of the "LineCon" : Socialize with others. Learn what brings them to DEF CON. Ask them which things are on their must-see list. Are they competing in a contest? Which one? Why? What about presentations? While in line, socializing, you can be a student, or a teacher, or both. If someone in line has been to previous DEF CON, ask them what they wished they knew the first time they attended DEF CON. Ask others the same question. Ask about parties. Maybe get an invite to a private party. General advice?

        You can "waste" a lot of time in a "line" to meet "famous" people at DEF CON at book signing or with a bunch of other people trying to do the same thing, or take a chance at finding people who are bright, and demonstrate a passion in their areas of focus, which will make them leaders in their specialization in short time. Spending time to get to know people before they were "famous" can help you build a real-world network of talented people with which to share ideas and brainstorm. Some parties encourage this. Some contests encourage this. Many of the puzzle-based contests encourage group cooperation, and specialists from many fields to pass through various stages.

        Don't just focus on your phone/device and social media online. Establish connections in the real-world.

        As you find value in LineCon, let everyone else know the advantages you found here on the forums, or elsewhere in any place organizers read user content..

        As you tout DEF CON for the first time, build a list of things you think could make DEF CON better, and a list of things that were good; at the end of DEF CON, organizers like feedback on what works, what doesn't and we are VERY interested in ideas on how to make DEF CON better.
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          10/10 - Would wait in line again.