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    I know there have been fiber arts meetups at Defcon in previous years. Is anyone interested in meeting up to knit / spin / whatever? Maybe we could also organize a tour of the Vegas yarn stores?

    There must be some sort of subversive knitting we could pull off too. Maybe "yarn bomb" something?

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    seibai, the "boss" says the following: I would like to meet up and spin or knit. I only know of one yarn store and it's south vegas. the web tells me there is one in Henderson. I have committed to being at the ham radio village Friday from 1430 to 1830 and Saturday from 1400 to 1700


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      I might not have time/attention span to spare for a meetup, but whenever I'm sitting and taking a breather, I'll probably have my turkish spindle out, say hi! Heck, it might not hurt to hover around the wearables village, assuming there is one... that's usually where fiberartists are able to contribute to projects.

      Not a big fan of yarnbombing in general - it's been done, it's probably not worth the security confrontation if one were to do it inside the casino, and it's not cool to do it outside - people tend to use the cheapest (acrylic) yarn for yarnbombing, and I've had to cut acrylic fibers off too many semi-amputated rescue bird toes (and sometimes the whole toe) to think it's a cute or fun idea anymore. :(