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    Hey there everybody!

    I'm excited to announce that we have everything ready to make this an awesome contest. I'm sure you've seen the synopsis, if you haven't please checkout the official Defcon contests page just because I hate to be redundant. I'm making this thread so that we can all talk about what's going on, what we're doing, who we are, and where you come in. First off, I want to say that this is a contest for people of all levels. whether you're just entering information technology/security, or if you're a veteran of 99.99 years. The only time we'll turn you away is if we can tell that you don't want to do this and someone is forcing you. (trust me, we can tell)

    Who we are:
    theToolman - Founder of MOTD and I've been in infotec for about 13 years now. I've worked in retail, healthcare, education, and I've made a few inventions here and there that have either gone boom or bust. Definitely a creative type and I love working with people to get them learning so long as I can tell that they will use their skills for good.
    4rkan3 - [insert backstory here]
    JB - [insert something here]
    [insert handle here] - [insert backstory here]

    Our contest:
    Maps of the digital land started as a way to get people involved in network topography. theToolman first did the contest at a defcon groups meetup where DC615, DC865, DC404, and DC423 came together for a collective meetup. Many people had a ton of fun, and it was known that something good had been made. The second and last time this was done was at Phreaknic which is a Nashville 2600 based conference where there was actual prizes outside of stickers and swag. We are excited that this time, we're at Defcon, so we decided the team needed to grow and include people from different verticals. Big thanks to the Defcon contests crew that accepted us and put their faith that we would do something awesome. We got together and decided that this contest could be expanded upon for the sake of an actual hacker conference. We're keeping the core, but we've added a few subcontests. This is a point based system and each player uses their handle to collect points. We have multiple games that you can use to build upon and collect points so that we can do a system of grand winners among many contests. We're doing this on no budget as we're all as broke as you are, but if you decide you want to bring us a 6-pack of some delicious beer, we won't turn you down. The three contests are as follows:
    1 - make a map of the scenarios in the time that we give you. These all range in difficulty and your point count is a collection of all the key components that you include in each hand drawn map. They don't need to be perfect, but they need to include the key components that we provide in each scenario. You can go above and beyond using what you know about different regulating rules for each industry in the associated scenario (PCI, HIPAA, SOX, etc). Since this is a hacker oriented conference, we want to see your security based segments, where you can score many extra points.
    2. - connect your scenario maps by showing where the different scenarios would communicate and how you would do that both practically and securely. There's so many ways that you can do this, which means that your creativity can run wild. We do have a time limit on this, but this should be easy.
    3. - how would you hack the network based in this map? using the maps submitted by others, show us your path as an adversary to get in and take control of the core components. There's also a blue team option where you can take an already compromised network and show how you would mitigate or prevent the attack.

    Each sub game has it's own scoring system. We also have a scoreboard on our website for the winners of each round so that they can compete for the grand prize. We're not taking pictures of faces to determine who has already competed, but we will be diligent about the faces that we've seen before. Scoring is based on handles and we'd prefer that you use your twitter handle so that we have a method to contact you to let you know your status. Our scoreboard can be found at - this is a static HTML site to reduce vectors for all of you crazy haxors. We have a few prizes available to the winners on the scoreboard. For all winners of the contests, we have stickers, we also have different stickers for all who love stickers. Grand prizes include:
    First place: dinner with the organizers. [TBA where when and how]
    Second place: trophy
    Third place: HiBall Energy drinks

    We will also do some workshops in between rounds that we know will be valuable to all who attend.
    Resume workshop - where we can help you with your resume. We can even hold a mock interview where you can practice your interviewing skills
    Network Diagram workshop - where we can help you with your designs on network maps. This is a socratic workshop where not only you are here to learn, but we're here to learn.

    Final remarks:
    We're not claiming to be experts, but we're passionate. We're passionate to see what people in our community have in relation to skills, we're passionate about learning, we're passionate about teaching, and most importantly, we're passionate about technology - that magical thing that is bringing us all together. Also, we have tons of stickers. Ask us for stickers, trade us your stickers for our stickers, and if you're throwing a party, we love parties.

    To keep up with what we have to say, follow this thread and also feel free to check out our website We look forward to seeing you and we'd like to say, HACK THE PLANET!