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    At closing ceremonies this year, the photo policy was briefly mentioned in a way that implied that this is still a policy that is to be respected at Defcon. Everybody you talk to though seems to have a different idea of whether the policy is a formal policy, an antiquated holdover from the old days, or just a suggestion. I think many people would appreciate some clarification on this matter.

    I most recently saw it come up in conversation on reddit where a first-time attendee was inquiring about wearing a gopro around the con: - I tried to find an explicit policy, or at least an informal suggestion with some authority behind it, but couldn't find anything. What I did find was a discussion back in 2014 sharing the same confusion desire for clarity:

    As it stands now, to the best of my searching abilities, the only photo policy is regarding press. But the mention of the policy in closing muddies the water even further. So can Defcon be more explicit? Is the photo policy something we're still expected to abide by and remind other attendees about, and if so what are the parameters? Or is it a relic of the past that we should let die now that everybody has multiple cameras in their pockets?
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    From the DEF CON 27 web pages for contests/events for people filming while at DEF CON for the "TD Francis X-hour Film Contest"
    Originally posted by URL1

    Everyone who comes to DEFCON is obliged to abide by DEFCON's photo and video guidelines/etiquette: let people know what you’re doing, and be respectful.

    The teams/film crews participating in this contest follow this etiquette, in part, by:
    • being conspicuous, when they are filming in the DEFCON's convention areas,
    • by wearing their bright orange, official, "TD Francis X-Hour Film Contest CREW" t-shirts
    • letting bystanders know when they are actually filming by saying “ACTION” and “CUT”, and other filmmakery sounding thingys and stuff
    • not filming in designated no-camera areas
    • obtaining permission when appropriate
    • and being approachable and courteous to all.
    That was the closest I could find for this year.


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      Let me see, we have a draft for next year I could post for feedback.
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