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  • Rolling my own DEF CON

    Hi, is it possible to organize one in Latvia?

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    Originally posted by GH0ST_K1LLST0RM View Post
    Hi, is it possible to organize one in Latvia?
    There are presently only 2 DEF CON conventions: One takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Another DEF CON takes place in China.

    Some people who enjoy DEF CON regionally meet other people in their area as part of a DEF CON Group. DEF CON Groups are not DEF CON conventions. DEF CON Groups are similar to Linux User Groups, or other User Groups. People with an interest in DEF CON find a free or cheap venue, then provide free presentations to each other. Many DEF CON Groups have at least one meeting per month. Members of the group likely know something that other members do not know, and then present on that topic to educate their peers. The primary goals for groups tend to be: users getting help with self-educating, users educating themselves, users educating their peers. Additional features seen in some groups: some have a "maker space" with equipment for members to play with, test, or learn to use. Some have parties. Some have "outreach" to schools or community events to educate the public on security issues.

    DEF CON Groups are presently identified by Area Code (for the US) or country code (sometimes combined with a city code or other code) and when there is more than one DEF CON Group in an area, an extra value to separate the groups from each other.

    From the main website:
    Will take you to:
    From there, navigate to "DC Groups List" and choose " international DEF CON Groups" to get to:
    From you can "find on page" and see there appears to be a DEF CON Group in Latvia:

    • Location: Riga, Latvia
    • Point of Contact:
    • Website: pending
    • DC11371 Meets: If we meet then something is afoot
    • Description: I run it so there wouldn't be leadership issues otherwise whoever runs what ever is the person that runs what they run unless they're not the ones who run it.
    • Interests: Cryptoparanoia, mobile turrets and a third thing.
    • Projects: To hack out of a paper bag
    Sadly, it looks like whoever controls their website requires all visitors to execute code they provide (JavaScript)

    It is possible this DEF CON Groups is no longer running, and the website has been taken over by spammers after the domain expired. (Spammers enjoy requiring visitors enable JavaScript, so the spammers can try drve-by-download to infect visiting client browser systems through various methods such at direct attacks against supported applications such as PDF readers, or steal CPU cycles for mining crypto currencies, or others reasons.) Advertisers also enjoy being able to run arbitrary JavaScript on visiting client web browser to a site.

    Maybe this DEF CON Group has disbanded? You can try checking for a contact and see if they respond. If not, you could read the FAQ and contact the people that grant status as a DEF CON Group to groups, using the email address they have on that page. You can ask if the DEF CON Group in Latvia has been abandoned.
    If they no longer exist, you can look for form your own DEF CON Group in Latvia, and have meetings where you all share your knowledge with each other.
    If you decide to create your own DEF CON Groups in Latvia, then check out: and

    Good luck!
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