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Hello I'm a noob

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  • Hello I'm a noob

    Booked my hotel Aug 5th to the 9th, just wanted to say hello and start making friends.

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    Hello, and welcome to the DEF CON forums. :-)

    As a self-described, "noob," possibly to DEF CON, you have a totally different view of DEF CON from people that have been attending for many years.

    If you have never attended DEF CON before, what information about DEF CON have you been interested in learning? Did you find it?

    What are the top 10 things that you find are lacking in prepping to attend? If you were in charge, what changes would you make, to make DEF CON more welcoming to people of all skills who have never attended?

    How would you make DEF CON better?


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      Welcome, How was your DEF CON event? Did you enjoy the luxury life of Las Vegas? I am also planning to visit Las Vegas soon after the pandemic will get over. I have started my preparations also like I bought E-cigarette, vapes, and vape juice from [SPAM]. Can you please tell me the best places in Las Vegas? As it will be my first trip to Las Vegas.
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      • The Dark Tangent
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        FYI this looks spammy.

      • number6
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        I've replaced the URL with "[SPAM]" : The context of the post implies DEF CON was in Las Vegas, but it was not, since we did DEF CON 28 SafeMode.

        The only other post from this user is to an old thread.

        There has been nothing else from this user since. They joined on June 10, and last activity is June 11.

        If they are not a spammer, we can restore the original message with the URL which seems spammy.

        I would be happy to restore the unaltered content if you are not a spam-bot.