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  • pentest tools or scripts

    which are best pentest tools and scripts, any defcon link resource?

    Thank you

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    Originally posted by intel View Post
    which are best pentest tools and scripts, any defcon link resource?

    Thank you
    I seem to recall there was a page of tools with links to them (like nmap, IDA Pro, Metasploit, gdb, fuzzing tools, etc.) but a google search does not show the page I think I remember.

    There is this page:
    "This page is a repository for the great and innovative tools that have accompanied DEF CON talks over the years.":

    Some people have cited the "RTFM" (Red Team Field manual) as a nice source for copy/paste examples for common tools, and suggestions on methodology in the process if you are new to red team work, and looking to quickly start.
    If you are an advanced user, or have enough experience, then the RTFM probably includes content you already know.

    Some people like "PoC||GTFO" online or printed form for technical discussions:

    There is this page:
    A collection of links to many resources from social media to FAQ to businesses that sell tools, including lock picks, and software, and hardware:

    If you find a web page which lists resources you find answer your question, would you follow-up here with the answer which satisfied your search?

    If you don't find a page which lists enough tools for you, would you be willing to list all of the tools that you found useful and details to say what you like about them?
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