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Big Update in the Infocon archives!

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  • Big Update in the Infocon archives!

    Big update in the Infocon archives - includes new videos from Hackaday Supoerconference, 44con, BotConf, CCCCamp and many more. Check out the whole collection at, and suggest adds if you see something we're missing!

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    I’ve just added another eleven updates and am working on the final twenty for this batch.

    Please help spread the word!
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      Looks like some torrents are not getting into the RSS feed.

      e.g. GRIMMCon

      Can an audit be automated to check for missing torrents?


      • Dark Tangent
        Dark Tangent
        The Dark Tangent
        Dark Tangent commented
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        It's a separate, manual for now, process. I'll check the status of when the update is expected. Thanks for spotting it!

      • neil
        neil commented
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        Could you elaborate? I'm not seeing that we host GRIMMCon at this time, and I scanned through the RSS feed to see if any torrent entries were missing, but didn't find any.