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2020 Defcon Disability Guide

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  • 2020 Defcon Disability Guide

    Well I'm at it again. I've added in some more information to my previous Defcon 22 Disabled Visitor guide. I'm currently working on checking the information if it's all current and correct. I've included information regarding the airport and service animal rest areas.

    Even though I'm not in the area, I'll see what I can find regarding the hotels and try bugging Caesar's corporate for any information about their pet-stay program. Also, DEFCON staff, if you guys need any help dealing with us gimps at the conference (and Blackhat), I'm available to help out.

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    Great! Thank you for posting.

    Are there are two or three web sites you could recommend that do a good job of presenting information for disabled visitors? We are trying to come up with good way of presenting information.
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