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Blue Team Village Call For Content is Open until 5/11/20!

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  • Blue Team Village Call For Content is Open until 5/11/20!


    Blue Teamers change constantly. Technologies change, attackers change, and defenders cannot be effective unless they can pivot quickly. Yet some things never change. Learning, mentoring, innovation, and creativity are crucial to great defense, and great defenders.

    If you know us, you know that we never have, and never will rest on the past. Yes each BTV has been better than the one before. But this year will be a brand new experience. We continue to receive so much more content than we can possibly fit in. Content that we really want to host, but simply don't have enough time... Unless we change. Our goal this year is to get you as much information as quickly as possible, by focusing on shorter, hands on content. In fact, we've even renamed our CFP to CFC (Call For Content).

    All talks will be 15 minutes, with 5 minutes for questions. If you want to submit a talk, be sure that everyone walks away with the ability to do something new. Workshops? An hour and a half max. Workshops should equip participants to install, configure, and use a new tool. And new this year will be mini-workshops. Think of it as a bunch of friends hanging out with that buddy that likes showing that really cool tool they figured out.

    If you are submitting to the BTV CFC, be sure that your audience will walk away with the ability to do something new and blue.

    Your submission should cover one or more of the desired topics:
    - Breaking, building and repurposing open source tools.
    - Building countermeasures and demonstrating practical applications of frameworks.
    - Real life and hands on learning, scenarios and examples.
    - Hands on demos of open source tools for defence, cti, forenciscs, ir etc...
    - Teach individuals using live examples.

    This is by no means exclusive! If you have a submission on a topic concerning Blue Team matters outside this list, feel free to submit it - these are guidelines, not firm rules. This year, the Blue Team Village review crew will be considering an additional factor - alignment with the DEFCON 28 theme ( Consider how your submission can align with it.

    Good luck! If you have any questions please email us at

    You can enter submissions until 2020-05-11 00:00 (US/Pacific), 1 month, 4 weeks from now.
    May 11th, 2020
    May 11th, 2020
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