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Bio Hacking Village at DEF CON 28

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  • Bio Hacking Village at DEF CON 28

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    Born in 2014, the Biohacking Village started with a small space and a big idea: Bring the forefront of citizen science and biomedical security to the world’s biggest hacker conference. With partners such as the FDA and Mayo Clinic, the Biohacking Village has become a primary conduit for the healthcare community to engage positively and proactively with security researchers.

    The Biohacking Village celebrates global health ingenuity arising from maker communities with the dynamic perspective of emerging biology, technology, and human-enhancement. Whether your interest lies in security, technology, engineering, devices, or fabrication, BHV welcomes unapologetically enthusiastic innovators.

    The Biohacking Village will bring together thousands of attendees, along with featured inventors, world-class makers, cybersecurity researchers, self-made entrepreneurs & workshop experts from around the world, to create real solutions for some of humanity's most pressing challenges and opportunities in the areas of health, education, security, and more.

    You will be immersed in the bio-maker community on a local grassroots level that allows you to build relationships with makers, hackers, and others. We encourage the development of an ongoing dialogue and the forging of lasting relationships.
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    Is there a possibility, IF, this is still confirmed to run that they will be doing NFC implant installs???