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Ham Radio Village at DEF CON 28

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  • Ham Radio Village at DEF CON 28

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    Ham Radio Village

    Why Ham Radio at DEF CON?

    After several years of being involved running ham radio exams at DEF CONĀ®, a common theme emerged:
    People were either wondering where to start, interested in learning more, or deciding what to do next.
    Other villages touched on related topics, but there wasn't anything specific for the growing ham community.
    Ham Radio is in may ways the original "hacker" culture and "maker" community, and it's a shame we don't
    better represent ourselves to the larger hacker community. Our goal is to fix that!

    Our Vision
    Our vision is to help the community in a number of ways, including:
    • Understanding just exactly how radio frequency communications work.
    • Showing how you can legally transmit signals at 1,500 Watts of power.
    • Gain a useful toolkit of skills allowing for further experimentation.
    • Learning how the ham radio hobby and radiosport can improve your hacking skills.
    • Providing a forum for hams (and future hams) at DEF CON to meet up, share, and learn.
    Want to help?
    If you're interested in haling out in any way with a potential Ham Radio Village, drop a line to and I'll get in touch.

    PGP key: valid 2020 Jan 15, to 2024 Jan 01 Fingerprint: BC5B CD9A C609 1B6B CD81 9636 D7C6 E96C FE66 156A