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Hardware Ninja Village at DEF CON 28

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  • Hardware Ninja Village at DEF CON 28

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    1) Smart Home model and IoT Hacking and by Panasonic Cyber Security Team and Hardware Ninja

    As IoT has become more and more popular, Panasonic has devoted time into understanding the threats against IoT and its associated risk.
    Panasonic 'Chimera' Box composed of the parts of more than one appliance.
    And provide some challenge which includes found specific vulnerabilities and practice for real appliance.
    Participant will not only using wireless part to manipulate 'Chimera' but also able physically penetrate via hardware part. From the known to the unknown, we look forward to sharing exploration process with people from whole global world and discover more unknown results.

    2) Soldering Class and Challenges by Hardware Ninja

    Soldering and chip-on/off practice return again, which is different from the soldering skill & hardware hacking village. We will provide every 1 hrs class for the attendees how to solder and chip on/off with PCB. We will provide different Badge support onsite.

    3) Hacker Art by PegasusTeam

    I. Visually, we consider to show the history and future of hackers in the from of painting and video. Our team got the the first place at DEF CON China art contest. Our team also designed the hacker comic series before --

    II. We will collect art materials related to hackers online, which can be anything, painting, handmade works, etc. And show it in our village.

    IV. In terms of security activities, we plan to do some competitions related to communication.
    1. We will teach how to design art PCB and have participants design their own art PCB on site.
    2. We'll be teaching graphic steganography design and how to crack it.
    3. We will teach how to learn and use the hackcube-special designed by our team. --
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