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DC28 Call for Trainers CLOSES May 1st

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  • DC28 Call for Trainers CLOSES May 1st

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    email training[at]defcon[dot]org
    Help us launch a day of training on the Monday after DEF CON 28!

    DEF CON is looking to add a single day of training right after DEF CON 28 on Monday August 10, 2020, and we're looking for trainers to teach classes and get paid to do so.

    DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: May 01 2020

    What: DEF CON 28 Call For Trainers
    When: Monday August 10, 2020

    How: To submit please cut and paste the submission form below into the body of an email or within a single .txt file and send it to training[at]defcon[dot]org. We request that applications are in plain text only to avoid disfiguring formatting errors. If you are submitting multiple applications, please submit them as separate emails.
    If you wish to send your submission encrypted via PGP please use KeyID: 3A276723 for Nikita(at)DEFCON(dot)org.

    Because this is new for DEF CON we don't know the demand but we are aiming for more affordable training options for students on a wide range of technical topics. Interested?

    Your class would be 8 hours of instruction plus breaks for coffee and lunch. DEF CON will provide the space, marketing, and infrastructure and you focus on the content!

    Name(s) of your training class(es):

    How would you rate the skill level of your class? [Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert]:

    Class abstract, the more detailed the better:

    What will students walk away having learned at the end of the class? A new skill, a new tool?

    Primary trainer name:

    Minimum / Maximum number of trainers:

    Minimum class size:

    Maximum class size:

    Prerequisites for students:

    Have you taught this class before? Where and when? Please provide a link of the course, materials, or a video if available online:

    Name of your group or company, if applicable:

    Trainer Bio(s) (not to exceed 1337 characters total):

    Additional trainer information, if applicable:

    Contact information for correspondence {email and phone}:

    What is the per-head or total fee you need to earn to make training worthwhile (In USD$)? (Keep in mind we are not Black Hat)

    We will have questions for each other, I'm sure, but submit the best first application you can anticipating or asking as many questions as necessary to speed things along.

    Please email to training[at]defcon[dot]org

    Thank you!
    The Dark Tangent
    May 1st, 2020
    May 1st, 2020
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