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Announcing the DEF CON Official Book Club

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  • Announcing the DEF CON Official Book Club

    Hello everyone long time no post. Some of you may know me, others maybe not and that's cool too.
    Hi, I'm Nikita. How ya doing?

    One thing about me that I like to do at DEF CON is make up fun things to do. Over the years I've created several games, contests, events, and been involved with many shenanigans. Today I'm announcing that we will have an official DEF CON book club starting April 1st. 2020. As a group, we'll vote on one book a month, create a forum for discussion (Spoilers vs Non Spoilers) and then talk to each other about it. Second to this, we will have an open forum for readers to post recommendations and discuss other books they're reading. We used to have a "reading list" posted on the website, but I think a living archive here would be better.

    A few rules...
    • The books will need to align with the DEF CON theme yearly. (after it's announced) DEF CON 28 theme here:
    • In between themes and always, the books must be non-technical books. Any book can be nominated so long as it's not a technical book/manual. We're reading stories here. Books can be non-fiction and autobiographical, but fiction is always going to be preferred for nominations.
    • Don't post spoilers in with non spoilers.
    • Follow the DEF CON Code of Conduct. (Don't be a bully if someone is a slower reader or poor speller)
    • New rules TBD as needed.

    DEF CON Needs a book club. Honestly, how do we not have one already?

    For the first month of the club (April), I'm going to ask that TheCotMan setup our forum/subforum and then The Dark Tangent or I will make a post asking for DC28 theme book nominations. As a group we will vote on what to read :-) Once the group is reading and conversing we will take nominations for the book club leader. Someone who wants to be involved in the DEF CON community, enjoys reading and chatting a lot would be a perfect fit. Someone who would be a good leader would be able to check-in to the forums frequently, help others find copies and accessibility options (Screen readable, audio books, translations, PDF's, recommend online libraries, etc) and makes sure the monthly forums were up.

    So, if that's sounds good to you ... join the book club!

    "Haters, gonna hate"

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    looking forward to seeing this launched.


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      Very cool.


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        I've got you in a new sub-forum and added some channel art from Sleestak! Looking Good.
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          Yay, a book club!
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            Very interesting! Looking forward to see the book lists.


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              Jump on over to for the 1st ->
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                I want to participate. Looking forward to this.