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DEFCON Badges, a List, information and website?

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  • DEFCON Badges, a List, information and website?

    I know, stupid question, but I'll ask it anyway.
    Has anyone ever put together a complete list of all of the DEFCON badges, where the code is, images, etc ?

    I'm looking to compile images and links. Hell, if there isn't one, post here images and links to this as a response and I will create and share a website.

    I have an idea for DC where I don't have to carry around all of my badges. yes, I know it's cool to be seen with 50 ot 60 badges, but I would run the risk of damaging these from 10 or more years ago.

    So I have an idea ;)


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    Over all years? I haven't seen one.
    I would start with the dc27 list
    put together by
    mike at hackaday has a pretty detailed writeup for many years
    then there are a few on this forum. Those should get you 95%+ of the badges made in the last few years, and the ones before that were mostly popular enough to find like the ninja badges
    you can talk to the founder of badgelife, I know she has discussed putting together a "yearbook" but I don't know the status
    The ones you will have trouble with are made in quantities of like 20 pre defcon 20 so they didn't get much online attention


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      AWESOME! Thanks and sorry for the delay. I started working on something but since DEFCON 28 is going to be virtual, will shelve it for next year. I will use these links and really appreciate the information!